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After Carillion: Is This UK Outsourcing’s Waterloo or Watershed Moment?

In the lamentable trail of the London’s Grenfell Tower disaster in June 2017 follows another public disaster as Carillion, a large outsourcing and construction services contractor, which had been in financial difficulty from July 2017 with numerous profits warning until January 2018 when it was forced in to compulsory liquidation. The company failed after the senior management failed to beg a financial bail-out from the UK government as it was a provider of many public sector contracts and employed ten of thousands of people. 
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Iran- A Better Revolution In The Making?

In light of recent developments in Saudi Arabia where the new Crown Prince has asserted his authority over his rivals and critical institutions within the Kingdom (see LDC, December 2017). There have been stirrings of discontent within the Islamic Republic of Iran enough to rattle the ruling clerics and provoke a response from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei about foreign agents stirring up discontent within Iran.
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Arab Princes in A 5 Star Jail and Trump’s Daft Declaration: It’s Getting Even Hotter in The Middle East.

Events in the Middle East since November 2017 have taken some dramatic steps even for this politically volatile region.

Wars in Syria and Iraq grind on against now a much reduced ISIS threat however the Syrian Defence Force/Kurdish (YPG led and US supported) coalition are now vying for land and political control in regained territories. Libya’s civil strife continues with little notice given by the rest of the world until something dramatic happens.
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Could Ruth Be PM?

In light of Britain’s Brexit struggles with the EU negotiators in Brussels embattled Prime Minister Theresa May faces continued dissonance within her party and subsequent dearth ineffective policies for her new minority government. The Conservatives remain as split over the EU and its Brexit outcome as they have ever been since the Maastricht treaty in 1992. Read more

Oh! Those referendums: They Keep Biting Back So What Else Can Democracies Do?

Barcelona was battered, bruised and reeling from a weekend of civil unrest after an emotionally charged independence referendum for Catalonia, unsanctioned by the Madrid-based Spanish government, ensued into what appears as extremely heavy-handed treatment by riot police towards voters at polling stations. Read more

Build More Houses: How And Not Why Is The Problem.

An issue that been casting a long dark shadow over Westminster since June is the Grenfell Tower disaster and what led to the tragedy occurring. It throws a despondent light on the state of public housing procurement and the implementation of building regulations through the entire UK. Read more

Avoid Brexit Cliffs Of Dover: Build Affordable Homes

While Brexit negotiations trundle along economic warnings are building up. Former Labour Chancellor during the financial crisis of 10 years ago Lord Darling and former deputy BoE governor Charlie Bean have both recently shared concerns over debt remaining high since the 2008 crisis and an economic slowdown in the UK economy continuing into 2018. The latest construction purchasing managers’ index survey recorded a fall in activity from June-July 2017 and a reduction in new business since August 2016. Read more

The UK in 2017: Sinking or Burning?

The spring time terrorist attacks in both London and Manchester along with the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in London’s Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have left a painful and fearful legacy in the UK at present. While the new diminished government barely copes. Read more

Local Council Elections Results: Is Britain going BlueKip?

Just 35 days before the UK General Election the Conservative had their best local government election’s result in years. They recorded 558 gains with labour losing 328 and UKIP being almost annihilated to 1 seat from 114. UKIP claimed to be a victim of their own success after last year’s Brexit Referendum. This was cited as one of the main reasons for holding a General Election to provide a stronger mandate to negotiate for the EU exit deal. Surely the domestic economy’s tax and spending plans should be a higher priority manifesto consideration as Brexit is now only for the negotiators as it’s over as a concern for voters (Irish Mirror, 2017). Read more

North Korea: An Anachronistic Puppet Regime versus The World’s Greatest Military Superpower

North Korea resembles something between news footage from the Cold War days and “hyper-normalised” life imitating art or comedy like that portrayed by the hilarious 2005 Team America World Police which is well worth a watch if you enjoy biting satire (You Tube, 2017). Read more