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Brexit – Well That Wasn’t Meant to Happen But There’s Democracy For You.

The cliches maybe old and tired but they usually contain an element of truth this time on what happens now in UK politics – it’s anyone’s game, all is possible, the cat is out of the bag and who knows what tomorrow brings or the worst possible outcome of all would be cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war as Europe has often witnessed, and recently too with Bosnia in 1990’s and Ukraine now although on the EU periphery it’s geographically part of Europe.

Brexit is the 5th time I’ve voted in 2 years and oddly the one that is going to have the greatest political outcome over all the others possibly by reversing the Scottish referendum result (a 2nd referendum is being discussed by the ruling SNP) or cancelling the result of the EU election (as the MEP’s elected in 2014 wouldn’t complete their term once the UK left the EU). There could be an other UK general election to elect a post-Brexit parliament never mind the need to produce a post-referendum government.

So here’s a thought- Brexit may not actually occur as the referendum isn’t legally binding and over the process of at least 2 years from now as the difficulties and consequences reveal themselves. The UK government could cancel it’s request to invoke article 50 as voters recoil at the post-Brexit government’s progress and problems.

My guess was 57-43% Remain vote but with a 72% turnout and a 48-52% result for leave I can’t help think if it had been higher turnout of those who weren’t able or didn’t bother to vote it may have been different. The Scottish referendum in 2014 was 85% turnout. However, as a Remain voter I would think that.

Good luck to the new new Prime Minster and let’s get used to change as it’s coming now although pity the younger generation they seemed to want to stay.


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