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Could Ruth Be PM?

In light of Britain’s Brexit struggles with the EU negotiators in Brussels embattled Prime Minister Theresa May faces continued dissonance within her party and subsequent dearth ineffective policies for her new minority government. The Conservatives remain as split over the EU and its Brexit outcome as they have ever been since the Maastricht treaty in 1992.

Labour’s new found confidence in old ideas like nationalisation has them preparing to govern as soon as the Conservatives flounder. Party activists are in an ebullient mood, however, the old grassroots working class remain sceptical of their part in a labour resurgence.

To avoid a Corbyn/MacDonnell socialist future and prevent a return to a 1970s style union-controlled government with spending on favoured industries and politically motivated decisions to protect working practices over working people. For example, think of the decision to ban Uber from operating in London as an early warning shot.

There’s more to the London Uber banning story namely, the company could be more accommodating to local market dynamics than at present. Nevertheless, there’s Labour Mayoral imposed ban is looming. Can the new Uber CEO change it?

Alternatively, a Boris Johnston or Jacob Rees-Mogg led Conservative party if Theresa May is deposed could split the electorate or possibly cause a collapse of the UK political system. Since the reaction from many parts of the UK to those personalities becoming the next Conservative PM could cause enough upset to bring about a radical change in the political landscape since 1707.

Would finding Ruth Davidson a safe Conservative seat in Scotland (no easy task although possible in the South) to become an MP in the Westminster parliament and then once elected leader of the UK Conservatives, provide the disjointed Conservatives a successful leader to run the country?

The Scottish leadership would need to be transferred to a capable replacement from the 2016 intake of MSP’s to keep up the pressure on the incumbent SNP government in Edinburgh. Critically, such a decision would need the unwavering backing of the UK Conservative party “grandees” and support of the bulk of English MP’s to stand a chance of succeeding and improving the Conservatives faltering administration.

Ruth Davidson is seen as young (female, working class), approachable and critically as a successful election campaigner. However, she will need to do more to produce winning policies than just being pro-union. Her recent comments on increasing housing provision are a start.

It’s an improbable scenario but who else could unite the UK wide Conservative party, keep them in power until 2022 and the UK intact in an uncertain post-Brexit world?

Please send names in an email, a Facebook petition or an old-fashioned SAE to the Conservative party HQ in London. They won’t be familiar ones.


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