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About me

Malcolm Crawford, the Little Deal Clincher

Remember watching the Barclays Bank adverts from a few years ago with famous British actor Anthony Hopkins? He encouraged potential bank customers “to be a big deal clincher” adding disdainfully “who wants to be a little deal clincher”, with the hope you would join Barclays and avoid such a pitiful calamity by becoming part of something big and powerful – until 2008 anyway.

So this got me thinking, who would be a little deal clincher? Who would aspire or even admit to being one? Does an LDC infer being small in value, status or stature? Most importantly what does one need to know – and do – to survive as a Little Deal Clincher? And finally, what should they make of events going on in the world that might effect their sustainability?

Well after some thought… I decided that someone like me is a Little Deal Clincher; I am a private investor and enjoy investing in global stock markets and early stage venture capital. I also share running a small business with my wife in Edinburgh, UK, where we live with our son and dog.

My aim since 2000, when I left a full-time career in the construction industry – mainly housebuilding, has been to use my time and resources to find investments and business ventures that will provide an income that will fund an enjoyable standard of living for my family and I. Though I have been an investor since just after the crash of 1987, building up my portfolio and knowledge of companies and markets. Since 2001 I have had a particular interest in  both listed and unlisted companies, and our retail business has been running since 2003. I have found that I need to read and learn a lot, not just about investing or current affairs but also many other subjects including science, economics, history, psychology and philosophy. Whether or not this is working, and what is round the corner both economically and personally are what I wish to discuss on this blog.

What to expect from me, the Little Deal Clincher… I wish to share some thoughts and observations from the self-employed and private investor’s perspective. My blog will involve everything from financial markets to political or social developments that effect everyday business and personal choices. I intend to write a weekly paragraph aimed at people who wish to make up their own minds about the world around them. I express my own views and I am not pushing any particular political or economic viewpoint. Please note I do not intend to cause anyone particular offence, and the reader should feel welcome to express their like or dislike, agreement or disapproval by leaving a comment on my guestbook page.