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North Korea: An Anachronistic Puppet Regime versus The World’s Greatest Military Superpower

North Korea resembles something between news footage from the Cold War days and “hyper-normalised” life imitating art or comedy like that portrayed by the hilarious 2005 Team America World Police which is well worth a watch if you enjoy biting satire (You Tube, 2017).

However, the sabre or rocket rattling from the Kim Jong Un regime with its nuclear-warhead testing programme and bellicose stance towards the US, now under the Trump administration, does appear both concerning and bizarre. The USA will spend more on defence in one year (more than $0.5 trillion) than that desperate country will produce in 10 years in its entirety. It is highly likely that much of their weaponry won’t properly work or is so outdated that any military conflict between the two would be as much of a mismatch as a Pekinese puppy taking on a hungry Lion.

The Chinese government must find their erstwhile ally an embarrassment, a weird relic, which separates them from South Korea that China now resembles on a grand scale with the communist time warp of North Korea acting as a pointless subsidy soaking buffer zone.

Surely with a bit of negotiation between China and the US an easier solution is achievable- some re-assurance of a stable border between a reunified Korean peninsula, a la East-West Germany in the early 1990s, with the notion of trade rather than any military presence being the driving force behind a new era with the decrepit regime wound up pronto. Kim Jong Un and his cronies could be placed securely far away in a forgotten corner of the Gobi desert to march about pointlessly for the rest of their days while the UNHCR, South Korea and Chinese relief agencies reintegrate the poor people of North Korea in to the C.21st civilisation.

It would be re-assuring and bode-well for more the important negotiations required for resolutions to Taiwanese sovereignty and South China Sea’s territorial disputes involving the UNCLOS obligations and China’s nine dash line claims (with more comments in LDC blogs from August 2012, November 2016, and January 2017).


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